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The Best Websites to Purchase Authentic Chef's Outfits and Accessories

Whether you are a professional chef or just want to look like one, several websites offer authentic chef's outfits and accessories. Shop for your staff,...(more)

Top-selling Products Offered by Chef John

Chef John Folse is a leading proponent of Cajun and Creole cuisines. A successful and prolific restaurateur, Folse is also in demand as a teacher,...(more)

Common Companion Crop Combinations for Home Gardeners

Garden crops that help one another are known as companion crops because the plants flourish when they are planted together in the same bed. Some...(more)


Braised Beef Tips Over Rice

Rich, meaty, and flavorful, braised beef tips with rice is a popular family meal that appeals to children as well as adults. The long cooking time produces tender, savory bites of beef in a dark brown gravy....(more)

Swiss Steak

Round steak simmered in a zesty sauce, Swiss Steak is a popular, budget-friendly recipe that first appeared in American print sources in the early 1900's. This colorful, old-fashioned recipe remains a family favorite in contemporary cooking....(more)

All-American Meatloaf

Somewhere on the list of almost everyone's iconic American foods, there is always meatloaf. It's one of those recipes that people of all ages enjoy, from the youngest to the oldest member of the family....(more)

Crock Pot

Simple Crock Pot Jambalaya

Great for a cozy night in on a cold winter night, or a quick weeknight dinner, jambalaya is a simple, versatile dish. Even better is that it can be made in your crock pot. If you have five minutes in the morning, you can make this dish and come home to a completely prepared, one-pot meal. Because it's so versatile, you can customize the flavors according to your family's taste and spice preference. Learn how to make tasty jambalaya and be the hit of your next family gathering or Super Bowl party....(more)

Easy Crock Pot Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup

Mexican chicken tortilla soup is a great, hearty meal for a winter's night, or whenever you want some really flavorful comfort food. It is an easy inexpensive meal that your whole family will enjoy, too. Further, thanks to crock-pots and slow-cookers, it is incredibly easy to make. You can, in fact, get this going before leaving for work in the morning, and come home to a warm, welcoming meal just by following the steps below....(more)