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How to Prepare a Simple and Delicious Turkey

Learning how to prepare turkey does not have to be difficult. In fact, it is simple to prepare a delicious turkey regardless of your skill...(more)

American Traditions: Common Christmas Food

American Christmas food focuses on warm, comforting cuisine. Winter spices, like nutmeg, cloves, allspice and cinnamon, are frequently included in the entrees, side dishes and...(more)

Traditional Italian Easter Bread Recipe

Baking special bread for Easter has a long tradition. It traces back to Byzantium and the Orthodox Christian church. The sweet, honey-leavened bread is a...(more)


Tantalizing Texas Style Dry Rub Recipe

The best grill masters on the planet know that great seasoning is the key factor in cooking succulent, mouth-watering meat. This distinct and tantalizing Texas-style dry rub recipe is easy to prepare and great for a number of different meals. Use this rub on such meat cuts as prime rib, beef brisket, pork shoulders, spare ribs, baby back ribs, t-bone steaks or chicken....(more)

Baked Perfection: BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

The drumstick is one of the juiciest and most flavorful parts of the chicken. When a sweet, spicy and smoky bbq sauce is added to the outside they become even tastier. This is a simple recipe for baked bbq chicken drumsticks that produces a delicious piece of meat. Make this recipe any time you have a craving for bbq, even when there is snow on the ground....(more)

Tasty Tri-Tip Barbecue Recipe

From sunny southern California comes this tasty tri-tip barbecue recipe. Tri-tip is a tender cut of beef that is perfect served medium-rare. It doesn't require hours of cooking like brisket, so it is perfect as a last-minute barbecue idea. Savory, smoky and a touch spicy, this tri-tip is best served with pinquito beans, grilled corn, garlic bread, fresh salsa and a cold beer....(more)


Super Spicy Finger Foods

If you are looking to try something new, spicy and exciting, consider some spicy finger foods. These bite-sized foods are sure to add unique flavor to the usual dinner or party spread....(more)

Delicious Appetizer Recipes: Baked Artichoke With Dip

Artichokes are a favorite ingredient for dips and a great start to a meal as an appetizer. Baked artichoke dip is a simple starter that can get your meal rolling in fashion. Prepare this baked artichoke recipe as a starter for two, or make in larger quantities for group entertaining. Whatever the size of your gathering, fresh artichokes and high-end cheese make for a great beginning....(more)

Sauteed Peppers: An Awesome Appetizer

Nothing brightens up a table more than a dish of sauteed red and yellow bell peppers. They used to be relegated to Italian antipasto trays, snuggled in between olives and prosciutto, but now they're served as appetizers on many American tables. Sauteing the peppers with onions and garlic accentuates the natural sweetness of the peppers and the sherry vinegar and red pepper flakes adds just the right amount of zest to the dish....(more)

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