Grilled Foil Packets: Seafood

Cooking in foil packets is a simple and almost foolproof way to cook seafood. Fish and other seafood can be a challenge to cook directly...(more)

Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos with Homemade Tortillas and Pico de Gallo

Grilled mahi mahi tacos, homemade tortillas and pico de gallo may seem like a lot of work but it's well worth the the effort....(more)

Seasoning Seafood With Herbs And Spices

Although some species of fish may look just like another when they have been have been filleted they don't taste the same. Each and every...(more)


Grilled Turkey with Mango Papaya Relish

Although this recipe calls for turkey parts it is versatile enough to use for any poultry. Use a whole turkey breast and after it's grilled and rested slice for turkey sandwiches or chop for salads....(more)

How to Perfectly Grill a Turkey

Whenever you hear about a turkey recipe, you usually presume that its going to be an oven baked turkey. However, this is not the only way to make a turkey. Many great cooks deep-fry their turkeys instead of baking them. A healthier alternative is to grill your turkey. Grilling the turkey infuses the flavors within the turkey and gives it a smoky flavor. Read further below to see how you can grill the perfect turkey for your barbeque....(more)

The Best Honey-based Turkey Brine Recipe for Smoking

Are you tired of making the same old turkey each holiday season? If you would like to change things up a bit, the following smoked turkey is definitely worth a try. Its brine is honey-based; so you get a sweet flavor that the entire family is sure to enjoy. Pair it with your favorite holiday sides, such as stuffing and mixed greens for a flavorful feast....(more)


Grilled Stuffed Pork Chops

Apple, whether served as apple sauce or as a stuffing, is a traditional pork accompaniment. The sweetness of the apple compliments the sage providing a variety of different flavors. ...(more)

Bratwurst: A Work Of Grilling Art

A bratwurst grilled to perfect is a work of art. A brat, pronounced so it rhymes with "hot" instead of "hat," is a pork or pork and beef sausage that is spicier than its cousin the hot dog. ...(more)

Smoked New England Boiled Dinner

This recipes puts a little outdoor cooking, smoked twist to the traditional boiled dinner. Only cook the pork shoulder to 145 degrees, medium rare, before putting it in the pot. ...(more)

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