Five BBQ Sauces Worth Ordering Online

Sauce is an important part of many outdoor barbecue events. There are good mass produced sauces available in the local grocery store but if you're...(more)

Five Easy Homemade Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Ingredients:1. 1/2 cup brown sugar2. 1 cup ketchup*3. 1/3 cup rice wine vinegar**4. 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce5. 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder6. 1/2 teaspoon onion powder7....(more)

How to Make Healthy Barbecue Sauce

Store bought, mass produced barbecue sauces are often made with preservatives and artificial flavorings. By making your own quick and easy barbecue sauce you can...(more)

Holiday Food

Cinnamon Griddle Cakes Recipe

If you are looking for something different to serve for dessert during your holiday get togethers and summer barbecues, then look no further. Cinnamon griddle cakes can replace traditional desserts like pies, cinnamon rolls, and cake. Pancakes are a breakfast item that people always love and enjoy. Why should they only be eaten in the morning? You can make them a dessert item by coating them with a cinnamon drizzle icing that makes them suitable for a dessert for any meal....(more)

Mexican Chicken for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is an important celebration in the United States occurring on May 5th. The celebration grew out of the defeat of France by Mexico in 1861. The first spontaneous celebration of the event occurred in 1861 by Mexican miners working in California. Cinco de Mayo has grown in importance with many communities using it as a chance to celebrate Mexican culture. In order to have your own Mexican American holiday celebration at home invite over some friends and serve this easy Mexican barbecued chicken....(more)

Homemade Holiday Polish Dogs

Polish style kielbasa, sausage, and hot dogs are a special treat. Nothing tastes quite as good as a hot Polish sausage. With or without sauerkraut, these are winners when part of a holiday buffet table. Making sausage sounds intimidating. However, with the right tools and the right know-how, it is surprisingly simple to do. This recipe contains a combination of 10 spices and herbs, giving it a special twist on the normal hot dog. If you own a smoker, you can put the finishing touch on this recipe. Using a smoker will result in an unbeatable "smoky" finish that makes the recipe taste wonderful. However, even without being smoked, it is still delicious as a barbecue meal for the holidays....(more)

Other Foods

Texas Caviar

First things first, Texas Caviar isn't actually caviar. Don't worry about putting it out on your picnic table because this fantastic appetizer contains no fish eggs at all.According to an article in the Dallas Morning News Texas Caviar was popularized by Helen Corbitt, a famous 1950s food consultant and cookbook author, who was the food service director at Neiman Marcus in Dallas.According to Texas tradition black-eyeds are supposed to be eaten on New Years Day and don't forget to toss a few dried ones in with your coin purse on that day and make sure you eat greens with those black-eyeds. According to tradition the cooked peas bring you good luck, the dried peas stake for gold coins and the greens for folding money.The town of Athens in East Texas has been known as the Black-Eyed Pea Capital of the World and holds an annual Black-Eyed Pea Jamboree every year...(more)

The Distinction of Carolina Barbecue

In the world of barbecue there are four main regional styles. Many states, counties or cities have a "style" but Texas, Kansas City, Memphis and Carolina are the four styles most accepted. The fans of a particular style are often enthusiastic supporters and no group is more vocal than the fans of Carolina Barbecue.Carolina barbecue is usually defined by thin vinegar based or mustard based barbecue sauces. But Carolina barbecue is more than just sauce; it's always pork, always smoked at low temperatures for long periods of time over hardwood or hardwood coals....(more)

Chuckwagon BBQ Beans

When planning your Summer time outdoor cookout, you should devote as much thought to your side dishes than your main dish. Chuckwagon BBQ Beans are a fantastic side dish for grilled and smoked beef dishes. The flavor will stand up against even the boldest of spices....(more)

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