Caribbean Style Steak

The blend of citrus juices with ginger, garlic when combined with cinnamon and cloves will give you a fantastic Caribbean flavor that will taste create...(more)

Smoked Chuck Roast Stew

Adding a little smoke the beef stew elevates the flavors and compliments the earthiness of the potatoes and mushrooms. The Horseradish Sour Cream adds a...(more)

Grilled Beef Tenderloin Sliders with Creamy Horseradish Sauce

Perfectly cooked beef tenderloin is a great choice for beef sliders. The tenderness of the meat almost melts in your mouth and is a nice...(more)


5 Websites To Make Your Football Tailgating Even Better

There are a variety of theories associated with how tailgating got its start. Fans of several college and professional football teams claim to have started the tradition....(more)

Five Cookbooks Sure To Improve Your Outdoor Cooking Skills

One of the best ways to increase your grilling and barbecuing knowledge is by reading cookbooks. Even if you don't ever cook any of the recipes just reading what flavors go with each other can provide you with a good basis for improving your outdoor cooking skills...(more)

Five More Tips For Grilling The Perfect Hamburger

There are lots of theories on the history of the hamburger. There are lots of people who think they know but it's hard to prove one theory over another. No matter where they came from the hamburger is an easy to fix, inexpensive all-American meal.There are limitless combinations of meat,...(more)


Charcoal: Lump

The popularity of lump charcoal has taken a huge jump in popularity over the last few years. Some of this popularity can be traced to the increased popularity of ceramic cookers which perform much, much better with lump charcoal than charcoal briquettes....(more)

Charcoal: The Briquette

The history of the charcoal briquette has a very noble beginning. It is a history that harkens back to the beginning of a great industrial revolution in America. ...(more)

Grilled Foil Packets: Desserts

The great thing about grilling the desserts in foil packets is that you can easily have the final course of the day preparing while everyone is enjoying their dinner. Clean up easy, all you need to do is crumple up the foil packets and toss them in the trash. ...(more)

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