5 Websites To Make Your Football Tailgating Even Better

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Five Cookbooks Sure To Improve Your Outdoor Cooking Skills

One of the best ways to increase your grilling and barbecuing knowledge is by reading cookbooks. Even if you don't ever cook any of the...(more)

Five More Tips For Grilling The Perfect Hamburger

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Grill Tools

Tips For Grilling With Charcoal

Cooking with charcoal is a great way to add additional flavor to your foods when grilling. It doesn't take a lot of work to end up with great tasting foods, but there are a few tips that will make your meal that much easier and better tasting....(more)

Playing With Fire: Tips for Propane Tank BBQ Safety

During the warm months, grilling meals becomes a common practice for most households. Whether it is simply a way to feed your family or to entertain the entire neighborhood, owning a propane tank bbq grill allows you to cook like a television chef. Meats, vegetables and even fruits become the star of the culinary show, as everyone is able to pick their favorites and have them grilled individually without dirtying a single pot or pan. The downside of this all-star grill is that it is operated by a propane tank, which is a potential source of danger to all who use the device....(more)

Weber Genesis E-330 Special Edition Gas Grill Review

The Weber brand of grills is perhaps one of the most iconic grills in the United States. This brand of grills has an established reputation for its innovative grill designs and for manufacturing highly durable grills that last for generations. The Weber designs range from the very recognizable kettle grills to the sophisticated grill-burner combinations.The kettle-shaped grill is actually an invention of a former Weber Brothers Metal Works employee, George Stephen. The kettle design and the craze of covered barbecuing that was inspired by the design took America by storm in the late 1950s. Stephen acquired the Weber company in 1956, and the company since then have exclusively manufactured grills and grilling accessories. One of the more recent and more popular Weber grills is the Weber Genesis E-330 Special Edition Gas Grill....(more)

Other Foods

Texas Caviar

First things first, Texas Caviar isn't actually caviar. Don't worry about putting it out on your picnic table because this fantastic appetizer contains no fish eggs at all.According to an article in the Dallas Morning News Texas Caviar was popularized by Helen Corbitt, a famous 1950s food consultant and cookbook author, who was the food service director at Neiman Marcus in Dallas.According to Texas tradition black-eyeds are supposed to be eaten on New Years Day and don't forget to toss a few dried ones in with your coin purse on that day and make sure you eat greens with those black-eyeds. According to tradition the cooked peas bring you good luck, the dried peas stake for gold coins and the greens for folding money.The town of Athens in East Texas has been known as the Black-Eyed Pea Capital of the World and holds an annual Black-Eyed Pea Jamboree every year...(more)

The Distinction of Carolina Barbecue

In the world of barbecue there are four main regional styles. Many states, counties or cities have a "style" but Texas, Kansas City, Memphis and Carolina are the four styles most accepted. The fans of a particular style are often enthusiastic supporters and no group is more vocal than the fans of Carolina Barbecue.Carolina barbecue is usually defined by thin vinegar based or mustard based barbecue sauces. But Carolina barbecue is more than just sauce; it's always pork, always smoked at low temperatures for long periods of time over hardwood or hardwood coals....(more)

Chuckwagon BBQ Beans

When planning your Summer time outdoor cookout, you should devote as much thought to your side dishes than your main dish. Chuckwagon BBQ Beans are a fantastic side dish for grilled and smoked beef dishes. The flavor will stand up against even the boldest of spices....(more)