The Steps to Perfecting Hamburgers

Hamburgers are so simple and so common, this quick and portable meal is easy to get wrong. When done right, you might hear yourself wanting...(more)

A Rub Recipe-Tri-tip

Barbecue sauce does a wonderful job at imparting flavor onto meat. Sometimes, though, you just want something a little less juicy and messy, and you...(more)

Mouth-watering Seasoning Combinations for Tri-tip Steak

The tri-tip steak originated in California and is known for its taste and affordability. The steak is generally a well-marbled, tender and inexpensive cut, comparable...(more)


Simple Grilled Chicken with Cilantro Salsa

There is nothing more classic off the grill than a simple chicken dish. The marinade is lightly seasoned and provides just enough flavor so the chicken can be eaten just as it is...(more)

Grill Chicken and Chickpea Salad

The nutty flavor of chickpeas matches perfectly with the grilled chicken. The tartness of the lime viniagrette adds a refreshing acidity that makes this the perfect salad for a hot afternoon on the patio....(more)

Grilled Chicken Citrus Teriyaki

If you're looking for a quick and simple dish to prepare on those evenings when time is short this dish fits the bill. Start the marinating of the chicken in the morning the morning and it will be ready to go when you get home....(more)


Smoked and Braised Pork Belly

Pork belly is one of the most amazing and flavorful meats you can cook outdoors. The great taste the fat brings to the every dish makes it versatile and a great addition to your outdoor cooking menus.This dish is inspired by a dish Jean-Christophe Novelli cooked on his television show Chef's Academy. The show may have only lasted one season but the innovative way he used pork belly continues to inspire me....(more)

The Simplest Grilled Pork Chop Recipe

A good Italian dressing makes for a simple marinade for pork. Using Newman's Own Family Recipe Italian Dressing and then pumping up the flavor with additional garlic and herbs will leave you with fantastic flavor that will compliment any side dish you choose to service with it. ...(more)

Your Cooler Is Just As Important As Your Grill

Whether your outdoor cookout is in the backyard, in the park or on the beach ice is one of the most important tools you can have on hand. Should your guests become ill from the food there is a good chance the contamination that caused the illness started long before the food hit the grill....(more)

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