Apartment Trials and Tribulations: Grilling Indoors

Apartment living has its' benefits and drawbacks. While it is a more economical and low-maintenance living arrangement than living in a house, there are limitations...(more)

Indoor Gas Grill Review: Cook Number Portable Gas Grill

Grilling is a favorite American pastime, a great way to bring family and friends together and, of course, the way to make tasty food everyone...(more)

Using Yogurt Marinades at Your Next Barbecue

For something a little different at your next barbecue, you may want to consider using yogurt marinades. Marinades that use yogurt as a base instead...(more)


Your Cooler Is Just As Important As Your Grill

Whether your outdoor cookout is in the backyard, in the park or on the beach ice is one of the most important tools you can have on hand. Should your guests become ill from the food there is a good chance the contamination that caused the illness started long before the food hit the grill....(more)

Komado Style Cookers: A Long History of Performance

Following World War II when soldiers and sailors returned from dutry in Japan they brought with them a "grill" that was new to backyard cooks in American but has a history of over 3,000 years of use. What the servicemen brought home was the kamado cooker. ...(more)

First Glance: New Saber Outdoor Kitchen Components

Due to the success of the first grills Saber recently announced the launching of a complete line of outdoor kitchen products to match the grills....(more)

Kansas City

Kansas City's Bryant's BBQ

For a long time, people in Kansas City have enjoyed the food at Bryant's BBQ in Kansas City. In fact, some would argue that Bryant's BBQ is the best place to eat ribs in the country. Some of the people that have enjoyed eating at Bryant's BBQ include Presidents Jimmy Carter and Harry Truman. Hollywood stars have often been spotted at the restaurant including Michael Landon and Stephen Spielberg. Sport stars have also loved this restaurant including Wilt Chamberlain and Tom Watson. If you are familiar with the ribs produced at this restaurant, but you are not located nearby, then you might want to try this recipe that will taste similar to the food from Bryant's BBQ....(more)

Capital Grille's Delmonico

Located in the heart of Country Club Plaza, the upscale shopping district just south of downtown Kansas City, Capital Grille has long had a reputation of being one of the best places to eat a steak in Kansas City if you can afford it. The dry aged prime ribeye steak, known as the Delmonico, is very juicy and so tender that many people find that they can cut and eat it with a fork. When dining at Capital Grille you may want to consider starting with a shrimp cocktail and ending your meal with the chocolate-hazelnut cake. Of course, you may want to accompany the Delmonico with a bottle of Cuvee Dom Perignon 1993. Food at this restaurant is pricey, so you may want to consider making this meal at home instead. Here is how to make a Delmonico ribeye at home. Taking time to properly dry age the ribeye...(more)

Six Well-Known Kansas City-Style Barbecue Restaurants

Kansas City-style barbecue (also abbreviated BBQ) is a specific style of barbecue created in the 1900s by Henry Perry in Kansas City, Missouri. Perry created his style of barbecue by slow cooking ribs in a pit and serving them with a peppery sauce. Today, Kansas City-style barbecue is slow cooked on grills or smokers and served with sauce. Kansas City-style sauce is often tomato and molasses-based, and the barbecue uses a variety of meats. Kansas City is proud of its barbecue, and many restaurants focus on this type of cooking. Here are six popular restaurants that serve Kansas City-style barbecue....(more)

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