Fresh Pico de Gallo with Baked Tortillas

There is nothing better than an authentic-style fresh salsa. This pico de gallo is a chunky fresh salsa that can be prepared ahead of time...(more)

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with Homemade Pita Chips

Homemade roasted red bell pepper hummus with freshly baked whole wheat pita chips. This recipe uses the freshest ingredients possible and produces a beautifully savory...(more)

Spiced & Skewered Tandoori Chicken

Tender and juicy marinated and skewered tandoori chicken with the flavors of toasted spices, ginger, yogurt, and lemon. A quick and easy appetizer that everyone...(more)

Career and Education

How to Cook Nopales

The prickly pear cactus leaf paddle or nopolitos is a delicacy throughout Mexico and the Mediterranean. In south Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona the cactus often grow along the highways. The paddles (flat oval leafs) are called nopales (nopalitos with the spines that contain thorns). Nopales are a healthy, inexpensive addition to any salad. They are also great boiled or grilled as a main dish. To cook nopales, you will need gloves, a vegetable brush, a vegetable peeler, a large strainer, and a sharp knife. Here are the steps of how to choose, prepare, and cook Nopales....(more)

Popular Types of Watermelon

Watermelon is a juicy and refreshing fruit group that is loved all around the world. What most people don't know though, is that there are over 1200 varieties of watermelon that are grown and eaten in various regions of the world. In the United States and Mexico, people eat from the 200 to 300 local varieties. Here are the five most popular types of watermelons found worldwide....(more)

What is Broccolini? Learn about This Healthy Vegetable

In the United States, broccoli is a well-known vegetable. However, many people do not know what broccolini is, as the name is barely different from broccoli so the two are easily confused. The two vegetables are related. Their appearances and tastes are similar, but broccolini is often mislabeled in grocery stores. It is more likely that you will see broccolini labeled as baby broccoli than it is to see it sold under its real name. Educating yourself about what broccolini is will help you recognize it and learn to cook with it as well. Here are a few answers to some common questions about this green plant....(more)

Molecular Gastronomy

Ways to Use the Many Types of Vinegar in Your Recipes

Vinegar recipes are common, especially when preparing meats and salads, but many people don't realize how many types of vinegar there are or their best uses. On the sites below, you will find useful and informative information on the different types of vinegar and vinegar recipes in which you can use them....(more)

New Microwave-oven Technology for Busy Cooks

Microwaves first came into the market touting to revolutionize the way you cook. There is some new microwave oven technology in the horizon that just might change the way you look at them....(more)

Can Buttermilk Be Frozen?

Milk has a short shelf life, and it is annoying to throw out rotten milk. You may wonder, "can buttermilk be frozen?" You are able to freeze buttermilk to use later, but be prepared for some changes....(more)

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