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Tasty Little Ingredient Pasta Recipes

Little ingredient recipes are perfect when you are short on time, short on ingredients or short on patience. Cooking with a minimal selection of ingredients...(more)

Free Online Video Cooking Lessons

Are you looking to learn to cook or expand your catalog of recipes? Many chefs want to share their favorite recipes with you. There are...(more)

Vital Cooking Skills Taught at Culinary Arts Schools

While culinary arts schools teach a wide variety of amazing and exciting skills, there are certain basics culinary students encounter and are required to learn....(more)


The Perfect Basic Vinaigrette Dressing

A sweet and tangy emulsified dressing that can be tailored to match your flavor preferences....(more)

Add Some Spice With Dark Mustard Dressings

Dark mustards are used to make flavorful dressings. Their spicy and pungent flavor are often balanced with honey, brown sugar, or molasses. Herbs, vinegar, olive oil, and even citrus juices pair well with brown and black mustards. Rather than using prepared store-bought salad dressings, try your hand at making them in your own kitchen. Dressings, especially vinaigrettes, are quick to prepare and can usually be thrown together with things you already have on hand. Not only are they great on salads, but spicy mustard dressings make excellent marinades for fish, chicken, and pork. Here are a few ideas to get you started....(more)

Tangy Carolina Barbecue Sauce

If your idea of barbecue sauce has always been something that comes in a bottle from the supermarket, then you probably consider it to be a somewhat sweet sauce that tastes like ketchup with a smoky undertone. However, when it comes to homemade barbecue sauce, you can find as many recipes out there as cooks with each region of the United States boasting its own local variation. Kansas City barbecue sauce is sweet and tart and is the model upon which most supermarket barbecue sauces are based. Texas barbecue sauce is thin with spices like cumin and chili powder, and it often has a beef stock base. The Carolinas have no less than four variations of barbecue sauce from different areas with ketchup- and mustard-based sauces being popular in South Carolina, while a sauce with tomato sauce added is popular in the western parts of the two states. Along the...(more)


How to Section (Break Down) a Whole Chicken

A brief guide with tricks and tips to sectioning a whole chicken at home....(more)

The Ultimate Basic Burger Recipe

A moist, juicy, tangy and flavorful burger recipe that can be grilled or pan seared. Made similar to the style of meatloaf, these burgers have a unique twist and can even be prepped ahead for a large party....(more)

How to Sear Meat

Pan searing is one of the most popular cooking methods for meats amongst chefs. It caramelizes the outer flesh of meats and holds in moisture for a deliciously juicy and tender product....(more)

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