Dairy Free

Lactose Intolerant

Dairy Free Classic Potato Salad with Variations

Potato salad it's summer picnic time. Whether you enjoy your picnics at the park or in the backyard, this potato salad is easy and will be...(more)

Lovely Milk Free Apple Cake

When your lactose intolerant child has a birthday, you may be wondering how to provide him or her with a delicious cake to celebrate the...(more)

Yummy Milk Free Chocolate Cake

It can take a lot of effort to find a good chocolate cake recipe when you have to avoid dairy. Since most recipes include milk...(more)

Raw Food

Easy Chocolate Raw Cake Recipe

Raw desserts are becoming contemporary, dairy free, sweet choices for those following a vegan lifestyle. In addition to being dairy free, they offer many advantages over traditional desserts and sweets. They are easy to create and they take no cooking time. Here is an easy chocolate raw cake recipe that will have you swearing off baked goods from here on out....(more)

How to Dry Peaches

Drying is the simplest, most natural way to preserve food. Dried fruit is a delicious, healthy snack for kids and adults. It can even be a substitute for candy. Here's a fun, easy way to dry your own peaches at home....(more)

Raw Cashew Butter Recipe

Tired of eating peanut butter during snack time? This raw cashew butter can be made in just a few minutes, and is a healthy choice for those who are lactose intolerant. You can spread this recipe on just about anything, from crackers to vegetables. Use a powerful high-speed blender or food processor for best results....(more)

Alternative Foods

Dairy Free Snacks for the Big Game

Don't make a rookie mistake and reach for the same old football party foods. This year score bit with dairy free crowd-pleasing recipes for dips, wing and more. Your guests will enjoy a menu that takes advantage of all the classic game day favorites with a twist....(more)

Ten Clever Substitutions for Dairy Free Cooking

Whether lactose intolerant, allergic, or avoiding dairy for other reasons, here are some clever substitutions to use to replace the flavors and textures of dairy in your everyday foods. ...(more)

Dairy Free Ranch Dressing

Creamy Dairy Free Ranch Dressing is perfect for salads, dipping carrot sticks and broccoli, or drizzling over a baked potato instead of sour cream. Free from lactose, Dairy Free Ranch Dressing is a salad topper everyone at the table can enjoy....(more)

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