Dairy Free


Delicious Ideas for a Vegetarian Brunch

Those who know nothing about a vegetarian diet may think that it consists of generally unappetizing and tasteless foods. But the absence of meat does...(more)

Breakfast Tarts with Cinnamon

There are many reasons to avoid dairy. Whether you dislike the taste, are lactose intolerant, or are adopting a vegan diet, it can be difficult...(more)

Healthy Baked Oatmeal and Banana Recipe for Breakfast

Breakfast should be the most nutritious meal of the day, as it prepares you for all the activity ahead. It is easy to eat croissants...(more)

Raw Food

Raw Vegan Baby Potato Pasta Recipe

Raw veganism has been gaining popularity as a healthy lifestyle choice. It can be extremely difficult for these people who don't eat dairy, meat, or food that has been cooked to find food in stores. Raw vegans tend to prepare all of their own food so as to be certain of the ingredients. When you don't cook any of the ingredients, it can be difficult to find meals that make sense because you can't eat foods like pasta anymore. Many people try and work out recipes that are similar, but fit in with the diet. This recipe requires the use of a mandolin....(more)

How to Dry Peaches

Drying is the simplest, most natural way to preserve food. Dried fruit is a delicious, healthy snack for kids and adults. It can even be a substitute for candy. Here's a fun, easy way to dry your own peaches at home....(more)

Easy Chocolate Raw Cake Recipe

Raw desserts are becoming contemporary, dairy free, sweet choices for those following a vegan lifestyle. In addition to being dairy free, they offer many advantages over traditional desserts and sweets. They are easy to create and they take no cooking time. Here is an easy chocolate raw cake recipe that will have you swearing off baked goods from here on out....(more)


Popular Dairy Free Cookbooks

People choose a dairy-free diet for many reasons. You may be lactose-intolerant, which means your body has trouble digesting lactose, found in dairy products. Perhaps you hold certain beliefs about eating animal products. Alternatively, maybe you are trying to decrease your fat intake. Whatever the reason for going dairy-free, you may face difficulty finding delicious recipes to fit your new lifestyle. Look at the five dairy-free cookbooks below, full of easy-to-make recipes for your new diet....(more)