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Dairy Free Snacks for the Big Game

Don't make a rookie mistake and reach for the same old football party foods. This year score bit with dairy free crowd-pleasing recipes for dips,...(more)

Ten Clever Substitutions for Dairy Free Cooking

Whether lactose intolerant, allergic, or avoiding dairy for other reasons, here are some clever substitutions to use to replace the flavors and textures of dairy...(more)

Dairy Free Ranch Dressing

Creamy Dairy Free Ranch Dressing is perfect for salads, dipping carrot sticks and broccoli, or drizzling over a baked potato instead of sour cream. Free...(more)

Health Concerns

5 Non-Dairy Foods that Contain Calcium

If you have dietary restrictions involving dairy, it can be hard to get the necessary calcium that you need. This important mineral doesn't just strengthen your bones, but it also helps to regulate your blood pressure and heart health. If your body isn't getting enough calcium, it may try to compensate for this lack by stealing the mineral from your bones. As you can see, no matter what your dietary constraints are, it's crucial that you get the recommended dosage of calcium. If you don't prefer taking supplements, you may think you're out of luck. But you're not. There are several foods that naturally contain the ever-important mineral . Here you'll find five different dairy-free food sources to help you get your daily dose of calcium....(more)

Dairy-free Sources of Calcium

There are many reasons to switch to a dairy-free diet. If you have an allergy or are lactose intolerant it is vital for your health. If you choose to switch as part of a bigger lifestyle change it can take time to adjust. One worry when giving up dairy is always that you will not get enough calcium. While calcium is an important part of a healthy diet it is easy to forget that dairy is not the only source. This article will point you in the right direction to find other sources of calcium....(more)

What is Whey, and is It Considered a Dairy Product?

With a huge number of Americans currently suffering from either a dairy product allergy or being lactose intolerant, there are numerous health concerns surrounding the dairy industry. Whey has become increasingly common in recent years, primarily due to its enormous success in the body building and fitness industry. Indeed, it seems as though almost everyone that follows a rigorous fitness regime is taking some kind of bar or supplement that contains whey, and it is also found in some foods. This article will explain exactly what whey is, where it comes from, and if it is right for you, allergies and all....(more)


Popular Dairy Free Cookbooks

People choose a dairy-free diet for many reasons. You may be lactose-intolerant, which means your body has trouble digesting lactose, found in dairy products. Perhaps you hold certain beliefs about eating animal products. Alternatively, maybe you are trying to decrease your fat intake. Whatever the reason for going dairy-free, you may face difficulty finding delicious recipes to fit your new lifestyle. Look at the five dairy-free cookbooks below, full of easy-to-make recipes for your new diet....(more)

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