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Raw Food

Easy Chocolate Raw Cake Recipe

Raw desserts are becoming contemporary, dairy free, sweet choices for those following a vegan lifestyle. In addition to being dairy free, they offer many advantages...(more)

How to Dry Peaches

Drying is the simplest, most natural way to preserve food. Dried fruit is a delicious, healthy snack for kids and adults. It can even be...(more)

Raw Cashew Butter Recipe

Tired of eating peanut butter during snack time? This raw cashew butter can be made in just a few minutes, and is a healthy choice...(more)

Dairy Free

Red, White and Blue Dairy Free 'Milk' Shakes

Take the 'milk' out of 'milk shake' and enjoy this creamy, frosty patriotic treat. While you can make and drink this anytime, this fruit-filled shake is especially fun to serve up on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. Garnish with Dairy Free Whipped Cream or Vegan Coconut Whipped Topping, a few extra strawberries and blue berries, and watch the smiles begin!...(more)

Gluten Free Dairy Free Strawberry Muffins

Ripe, juicy strawberries encased in a tender, moist muffins. Vanilla and lemon enhance the strawberries flavor making a muffin special enough for company or as a family treat. Wonderful for breakfast or brunch, these delicious muffins also happen to be gluten and dairy free, so they can be enjoyed by those with allergies or sensitivities....(more)

Dairy Free Classic Potato Salad with Variations

Potato salad it's summer picnic time. Whether you enjoy your picnics at the park or in the backyard, this potato salad is easy and will be a crowd pleaser. Dressed with a dairy free dressing and fresh dill, Dairy Free Classic Potato Salad makes the perfect summer potluck contribution and is deliciously creamy and packed with flavor. While classic potato salad is delicious, try any of the additions below to add interest to your potato salad with very little effort....(more)

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Recipe for Dairy-free Homemade Cashew Butter

Creating your own homemade cashew butter that is dairy free is a fun and quick recipe that has many uses. This is one of the most popular products used in vegan and vegetarian cooking as it provides a creamy base for many recipes. Those who are allergic to nuts might rely on cashew based recipes for recipe substitutions because it is a part of the seed family, although most people who are allergic to nuts are prone to having reactions to all tree nuts and seeds. Be sure to let your guests know if you?re using the recipe in a dish in case anyone is sensitive or allergic to either....(more)

Practical Lactose Free Butter Alternatives for Cooking

One of the most difficult aspects of being on a dairy free diet is finding ways to replace the milk products in cookery with an alternative. Many popular brands of margarine contain milk solids to give them a buttery flavor and this makes them an unsuitable substitute if you are lactose intolerant. Even the products that are made without these flavorings may have a higher fat and cholesterol content which makes them a less healthy option as well. While it is relatively easy to find replacement spreads it can be much more difficult to find lactose free butter substitutes for the milk products in your favorite recipes. Understanding what the dairy products are meant to do in these recipes is the first step to replacing them with practical alternatives....(more)

Vegan Basil Pasta Sauce

Veganism is the act of abstaining from the consumption or use of any animal byproducts. Vegans differentiate themselves from vegetarians, who only abstain from eating meat, by their methodology of rejecting the use of eggs and dairy products as well. A vegan basil pasta sauce is a good food choice for vegans as it contains no animal by-products, and delicious substitutes for dairy products. Here is a list of some basil pasta sauces that fit well with a vegan diet....(more)

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