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Choosing and Working With a Ripe Plantain

Plantains are a well known part of latin food and cuisine. In their unripe phase they are tough, but when they are ready to eat...(more)

Seasoning With Green Bananas

Green bananas can be referred to as simply green bananas or fig, depending on where you are in the world. They can be used for...(more)

Getting to Know the Plantain Banana

In many parts of the world there is no separate classification between a banana and a plantain banana. In Southeast Asia for instance the banana...(more)


Red Onion Escabeche

While escabeche is usually associated with a dish of fish, chicken, pork or rabbit that is cooked in a vinegar-like sauce, this article deals with red onion escabeche, which is basically pickled onions. Red onion escabeche, or Yucatecan-styled pickled onions are insanely popular right now because of the emergence of Latin cuisines like Peruvian, Brazilian and of course Mexican food. The red onions soak up the cumin and dried Mexican oregano and is served with fresh seafood in Yucatecan cuisine. In America, we commonly eat them with cochinita pibil and on tacos. But why stop there? Red onion escabeche can be used to top off a variety of dishes, like enchiladas, carne asada, quesadillas and more.Blanching the onions first may cut the bite, but it will also make them pliable. Boiling them for too long will diminish their color, so take care to keep the boil to a couple minutes....(more)

Pebre de Cilantro

Pebre is to Chileans what chimichurri is to Argentineans and what pico de gallo salsa is to Mexicans. This article outlines an easy recipe for you to add to your sauce/condiment repertoire. Pebre from the country of Chile can be found on the dining tables of Chileans around the globe. This herb-based sauce is similar to chimichurri except that it is made with plenty of fresh cilantro instead of parsley. While fresh cilantro may be the main ingredient, pebre sauces have a flavor profile of pungent garlic and spicy peppers. Different recipes can contain parsley, coriander and even oregano. Also, pebre sauces tend to be made with spicy aji peppers, though here again, other spicy peppers can be substituted, most notably jalapenos and habaneros. Tomatoes are also sometimes used for making pebre sauces, thought this recipe does not.For this recipe you will employ the technique known as "creaming" for making...(more)

Grilled Tomatillo Guacamole

Tomatillo, or "little tomato" in Spanish, is only related to the tomato by being in the nightshade family of flowering plants, but tomatillos are more closely related to ground-berries and Cape gooseberries. With that in mind, tomatillos like Cape gooseberries and Chinese lantern berries, have a paper-like husk which the berry grows into. The husk is easily removed and the fruit should then be washed to remove the slightly sticky sap coating the fruit. The great thing about tomatillos is that they are available year-round but their peak season runs from May through October.Tomatillos range in color and flavor, from the still-ripening reds and purples which are sweeter and are often used like fruits in desserts, jams and preserves. Then the ripened green, and often yellow, tomatillos loose a little sweetness and become tart, tangy and even a bit sour. Like tomatoes, they can be eaten raw and cooked. Tomatillos...(more)


Pulled Pork with Habanero BBQ Sauce

More adventurous eaters are experimenting with the scorching hot habanero pepper. In this article you will learn a simple and spicy recipe for Habanero BBQ pulled pork. ...(more)

Cuban Sandwich with Coleslaw Recipe

The Cuban sandwich has been around for a long time. This sandwich is extremely popular in the southern portions of the United States. Many people think a Cuban sandwich is a very similar to a classic ham and cheese sandwich, but it does feature an additional ingredient. The ingredient that makes a traditional Cuban sandwich so special is roasted pork. You can jazz up your Cuban sandwich by adding some cole slaw on the sandwich and tantalize your taste buds. Use this recipe for a Cuban sandwich the next time you want a tasty lunch or late night snack....(more)

Authentic Cuban Sandwich

Tampa, Florida and Miami, Florida recently fought over the rights to claiming the Cuban Sandwich as the city's official sandwich. Tampa won, and has the history to back it up. Ybor City cigar workers in Tampa's Latin Quarter fed their hunger with a sandwich called the "mixto (ham, roast pork, mustard, and Swiss cheese)." When workers of other nationalities (namely Italians) joined the cigar factory workers...other items were added to the sandwich, and it was made on Cuban bread. The world's largest Cuban sandwich was 36 feet long and was made in 2012. The Cuban sandwich can be served hot as a main dish, or cold as a late evening snack....(more)

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