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Tepache: Homemade Pineapple Cider

Tepache is a lightly fermented pineapple drink, similar to a light, low alcohol cider. Hailing from the Mexican state of Jalisco, tepache and other types...(more)

What is a Coquito?

A coquito is an eggnog-like drink typically served with alcohol and is commonly associated with Puerto Rico and Christmas/New Year's holidays....(more)

What are Aguas Frescas?

Some of the most refreshing beverages in Mexico and other Latin American countries are called Aguas Frescas. Quite simply, they are freshly squeezed fruit mixed...(more)


What are tortas?

Tortas are very easy to make and perfect for any time of the year. Mexican torta sandwiches can be filled with ham, cheese, carne asada, refried beans, shredded pork, avocados, you name it. They're filling and delicious. ...(more)

How do you make Ensalada de Nopal or Cactus Salad?

Discover whole new dishes created around the nopal or cactus paddle. This is a refreshing, nutrient-rich salad with nopalitos. ...(more)

Empanada Dough

Empanadas are one of the favorite dishes in Latin and South America. There are regional and family differences in recipes for the popular dish. Empanadas are believed to have originated in Galicia, Spain. There is also an annual Empanada Festival. Look to these questions to for tips about the different types of empanada dough....(more)


Pulled Pork with Habanero BBQ Sauce

More adventurous eaters are experimenting with the scorching hot habanero pepper. In this article you will learn a simple and spicy recipe for Habanero BBQ pulled pork. ...(more)

Cuban Sandwich with Coleslaw Recipe

The Cuban sandwich has been around for a long time. This sandwich is extremely popular in the southern portions of the United States. Many people think a Cuban sandwich is a very similar to a classic ham and cheese sandwich, but it does feature an additional ingredient. The ingredient that makes a traditional Cuban sandwich so special is roasted pork. You can jazz up your Cuban sandwich by adding some cole slaw on the sandwich and tantalize your taste buds. Use this recipe for a Cuban sandwich the next time you want a tasty lunch or late night snack....(more)

Authentic Cuban Sandwich

Tampa, Florida and Miami, Florida recently fought over the rights to claiming the Cuban Sandwich as the city's official sandwich. Tampa won, and has the history to back it up. Ybor City cigar workers in Tampa's Latin Quarter fed their hunger with a sandwich called the "mixto (ham, roast pork, mustard, and Swiss cheese)." When workers of other nationalities (namely Italians) joined the cigar factory workers...other items were added to the sandwich, and it was made on Cuban bread. The world's largest Cuban sandwich was 36 feet long and was made in 2012. The Cuban sandwich can be served hot as a main dish, or cold as a late evening snack....(more)

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