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What are tortas?

Tortas are very easy to make and perfect for any time of the year. Mexican torta sandwiches can be filled with ham, cheese, carne asada,...(more)

How do you make Ensalada de Nopal or Cactus Salad?

Discover whole new dishes created around the nopal or cactus paddle. This is a refreshing, nutrient-rich salad with nopalitos. ...(more)

Empanada Dough

Empanadas are one of the favorite dishes in Latin and South America. There are regional and family differences in recipes for the popular dish. Empanadas...(more)


Culinary Culture: A List of Traditional Mexican Food Main Courses

Mexico boasts a strong culinary history with rich foods grown from the earth. People around the world enjoy hearty meals filled with ingredients such as rice, tortillas, chile and meats. Different variations of Mexican food blend with the cuisines of other countries, but nothing beats the real taste of traditional Mexican food. Examine this list of Mexican food main courses to make your next meal a success....(more)

Discovering Caribbean Cuisine with Cynthia Nelson

Cynthia Nelson was born and raised in Guyana. Guyana is the only English speaking country in South America. Nelson is a food aficionado who embraces and creates multi-cultural cuisine. Learn more about Cynthia here....(more)

Awesomely-delicious Food Items to Purchase at Mexican Food Markets

Visit a Mexican food market to unlock a world of flavor. Although Americanized Mexican food products attempt to approximate the flavors and textures of Mexican cuisine, there is no substitute for the real deal. Mexican food markets carry authentic specialty items that grocers catering to Americans do not offer....(more)


Spices of the Caribbean

In the Caribbean, food is a fusion of foods from around the globe. Because of its central location during the spice trade, the Caribbean islands were frequent stopping-places for the British, French, Spanish, African, Dutch, Indian, and Chinese. Quite a few of these people stayed, and many more brought with them their favorite foods and flavorings. Because of this diverse history, spices of the Caribbean are bold and flavorful, hot and spicy, and truly reflect a melting pot of cuisine....(more)

Add Annatto Oil for a Colorful Dinner

Sometimes, cooking the same old food every night can become a chore rather than enjoyable. Without ingredients to literally and figuratively spice up your cooking, cooking can quickly become boring. By looking at ingredients that may not be common in many cupboards, cooking can once again be fun as well as tasty. Annatto oil, an oil that is common in Latin recipes, is one such ingredient that can be experimented with to brighten up your meals....(more)

Rum Punch is Jamaica's Treat

Rum is an alcohol that is made with sugar cane juice. The juice is fermented and distilled, and then left to age in Oak barrels for differing amounts of time. Sugar cane grows well in tropical climates, such as the climate of the Caribbean. Jamaican Rum Punch is one of the many delicious alcoholic drinks that utilizes the rum that is commonly produced into the Caribbean....(more)

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