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5 Spice Blends to Enhance Flavor in Your Diet

Spices and herbs play an essential role in many food cultures. They contribute palatability and have many uses, including preserving meat. Many spices and herbs...(more)

Foods that Block Fat Storage

The best way to block fat absorption is to combine regular exercise with a healthy low-fat diet. Your diet should include fruits, legumes, nuts, vegetables...(more)

Can Sleep Deprivation Make You Fat

There are many factors to consider when you are evaluating weight gain and obesity. Lack of physical exercise and overeating are two culprits. Some experts...(more)

Grocery Shopping

Salad Dressing: Low Fat or Fat-Free?

The options are limitless when it comes to condiments and the vast array of salad dressings available on grocery stores shelves is proof of that. Why should you, or shouldn't you, choose a fat-free salad dressing? It's a question many people don't know enough about to answer best....(more)

Naturally Fat-Free Condiments

Reducing fat in the diet does not require cutting out flavor. In fact, many popular, commonly used condiments are naturally fat-free....(more)

Eating Healthy: Popular Brands of Low-sodium Chips

High sodium causes increased blood pressure, risk of heart failure and more health problems. The recommended average sodium intake is 1500 mg, yet a small bag of regular potato chips contains up to 200 mg alone. Record your total sodium intake for a few days by looking at the nutrition labels on your food. Most people in America consume too much sodium daily, and do not even realize it. Watch your sodium intake, and switch to some of these low-sodium chips....(more)

Breakfast Recipes

Egg White and Vegetable Frittata

This egg white vegetable frittata uses egg whites, which are high in protein and lack cholesterol. I used mushrooms and spinach, which are in season but if you like you can substitute them and use other vegetables like onions and peppers. You can have this egg white vegetable frittata for breakfast with a slice of whole wheat bread and a piece of fresh fruit for a healthy well balance choice. You can also freeze portions of the frittata and have on the go for the busy days ahead....(more)

Mixed Berry Parfait

Store bought parfaits can be loaded with sugar and fat. This mixed berry parfait uses low-fat Greek yogurt, which is high in protein. Using fresh mixed berries add fiber, minerals and vitamins. You can use any other fresh fruit of your choice, as parfaits are very versatile. When choosing granola, homemade varieties are best. If you choose to buy store bought buy varieties with the least amount of sugar, 7 grams of sugar or less are best....(more)

Green Smoothie

Smoothies are an excellent way to incorporate nutrient dense ingredients. They can be consumed on the go for breakfast or as a snack. Adding one tablespoon of nuts, in this case cashew nuts, will increase its protein content as well as add important minerals, vitamins, fiber and healthy fats. You can also add any type of low-fat milk of your choice. Soy milk, almond milk and rice milk are good examples as they are vegan and lactose free....(more)

Miryam Quinn Doblas, MS, RD, graduated from Eastern Michigan University to become a clinical dietitian. She also obtained a Bioinformatics and Psychology degree from the City University of New York. Miryam has extensive experience treating patients in the private and public sector suffering from diabetes, weight management, cardiovascular disease, GI... Read More

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