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Cooking Safely Using a Teflon Pan

Teflon cookware finds a place in almost every kitchen. For those who have actually used pans before the Teflon era, the non-stick variety seems miraculous....(more)

Non-Stick Pans: Learn the Facts

The health community is full of concerns revolving around non-stick cookware and possible links to cancer, wondering if non-stick pans are safe. It is not...(more)

Teflon Coated Pans: Find Out the Health Risks

Many consumers fear rumored health risks associated with Teflon-coated pans. Such risks include possible links to cancer. This is because of findings relating a certain...(more)

Low Fat

Indian Style Eggplant

Indian cuisine uses many different types of spices and herbs. Most spices have distinct flavors and add very unique tastes to food. This recipe uses three of the most utilized Indian spices which are turmeric, cumin and coriander. Turmeric is very high in antioxidants and gives dishes an intense yellow color depending on quantity used. These spices are available at most supermarkets so you won't have a problem finding them....(more)

Stir-fry green beans

Vegetables are naturally low in fat. Choosing to eat vegetables for both lunch and dinner paired with a lean protein such as grilled chicken, tofu or fish will make your meal well balance, low-fat and nutritious. When cooking low-fat foods try to use herbs and spices to add more flavor rather than using oils for it. Herbs and spices compliment many recipes and give unique flavor that can't be achieve by using butter, oil or any other high fat ingredient....(more)

Mango Slushy

Slushies can be loaded with sugar and a variety of unhealthy ingredients. If you own a blender making your own variations is extremely easy, healthier and more economical. Varieties are endles, as all you need is frozen fruit of your choice. For this version I added some flaxseed meal, which adds Omega-3's and soluble fiber. Consuming soluble fiber is a healthier and safe way of lowering cholesterol, as soluble fiber attaches itself to cholesterol and it is later excreted from the body....(more)

Lunch Recipes

Sauté Kale

Kale is very high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, low in calories and has zero fat. This sauté kale recipe is extremely simple and easy. You can have it done in a matter of minutes. It is a great healthy side dish that can compliment any high protein recipe. This same recipe can be done using fresh spinach so if you are not a fan of kale spinach will also work. For a few extra pennies try to purchase organic kale, a much better option than conventional grown....(more)

Bean and Corn Salad

Legumes are naturally low in fat. They are also rich in fiber, especially soluble fiber, which naturally lowers cholesterol. Besides being mineral and vitamin rich beans are considered one of the super foods. For this salad you could use any other type of legumes. Red beans and chickpeas will also work well. As far as the dressing, I used sesame oil, however, using extra virgin olive oil is also an option....(more)

Roasted Asparagus

Roasted vegetables are easy to prepare. Vegetables are naturally low in fat. Choosing roasting as the cooking method will help you keep them low in fat as very little oil is needed. You can also use a mixture of spices to enhance flavor. Asparagus is currently in season, from February to April, so taking advantage of in season vegetables is a way to ensure fresh produce and enhance the quality of your diet....(more)

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