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Fat Grams

The Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Learn what vitamins are fat soluble, what they do in the body, the food sources of fat soluble vitamins, and how much fat is needed...(more)

Healthy High-Fat Foods to Eat in Moderation

Mono and polyunsaturated fats are heart healthy fats that should comprise them majority of the fat consumed in a healthy, low fat diet. However, even...(more)

Are Vegetarian Diets Lower in Fat?

Vegetarianism is on the rise around the world. Vegetarian diets may, or may not, be lower in fat than the traditional omnivore diet of those...(more)

Foods to Avoid

Wishbone Salad Dressing: Low-fat or Not?

Salads are considered a staple when it comes to diet food, as they contain leafy greens and delicious vegetables packed with vitamins and minerals. However, adding salad dressing often counteracts the health benefits of the salad, and many dieters are unaware of this fact. Many salad dressings are high in sodium and fat, including the low-fat options. Wishbone offers a wide variety of low-fat dressings that provide a delicious final touch to your salad, minus the extra calories....(more)

The Effects of Having Too Much Saturated Fats In Your Diet

Saturated fats are sometimes referred to as a dieter's worst fear when it comes to weight loss. Diets often describe them as a food to avoid. Health experts and nutritionists have come to coin them "the bad fats." Saturated fats, like everything in this world, have their upsides and downsides....(more)

Foods with the Most Saturated Fat

In recent years saturated fats have been linked to many diseases and ailments such as heart disease, stroke and cancer. While it has not been proven that saturated fats alone cause a person to develop these problems, it has been proven that they at least contribute to them. Controlling the amounts of saturated fats in your diet helps to reduce the risks for serious medical problems later in life....(more)


Mango Slushy

Slushies can be loaded with sugar and a variety of unhealthy ingredients. If you own a blender making your own variations is extremely easy, healthier and more economical. Varieties are endles, as all you need is frozen fruit of your choice. For this version I added some flaxseed meal, which adds Omega-3's and soluble fiber. Consuming soluble fiber is a healthier and safe way of lowering cholesterol, as soluble fiber attaches itself to cholesterol and it is later excreted from the body....(more)

Pumpkin Bread

This classic and moist pumpkin bread is spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and allspice. It is a delicious and simple recipe for moist and fragrant pumpkin bread that can be prepared in just 10 minutes. If you use pumpkin puree from a can you might get a stronger pumpkin flavor but you can certainly make the pumpkin puree yourself. This bread normally tastes better the day after it is baked when the spices have had a chance to develop further. This bread is also perfect for holiday gift giving, so if the holidays are near by, this can be a great healthier alternative to give to family and friends. A nice low-fat treat for fall and Halloween that won't set you back in your diet plan....(more)

Family Favorites: Crispy Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Potatoes are the #1 most-consumed vegetable in the United States. While many potato preparation methods are high in fat, such as french fries, there are simple ways to re-create such recipes using low fat cooking methods. ...(more)

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