Low Fat


Can Exercise Help me Lose Fat?

Exercise can contribute to the loss of weight. Incorporating exercise into your lifestyle increases metabolic rate and hormonal balance. When you are following a well...(more)

Healthy Food Ideas for Football Tailgate Parties

Football season means great gatherings of friends, entertainment and finger foods. Unfortunately, traditional tailgating fare is usually not at all friendly to your waistline. Keep...(more)

Food Labels

Low Fat Label Reading

Interpreting food labels can be extremely confusing. There are labeling laws, however, and food manufacturers must follow strict guidelines on low fat and fat-free labeling, as well as the use of certain words on food labels, such as "low", "reduced", and so on....(more)

Stocking Low-Fat Foods in Your Kitchen: Always Have Them on Hand

Stocking your kitchen with low-fat foods is the first step towards healthy eating. It has been suggested by many professionals in the diet industry, to be successful, always keep the right foods on hand. If a low-fat diet is what a person uses to achieve good health or weight loss, there are several low-fat foods that can be kept in stock at all times. Finding them in a store and keeping them in the home can be an simple process....(more)

Why Eggs are Essential to Your Diet

Eggs are essential for your diet because they build your muscles, improve your eyesight, and provide nutrition to your brain and nervous system. The main parts of the egg are responsible for providing the vitamins and minerals necessary to build these and other parts of your body. Some eggs have low cholesterol while others have more protein based on the nutritional diet of the chicken. Even though there are many different kinds of eggs, they all help the body function at its best. It is essential to cook eggs in a healthy manner if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle....(more)

Fat Grams

The Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Learn what vitamins are fat soluble, what they do in the body, the food sources of fat soluble vitamins, and how much fat is needed for optimal health with regard to fat soluble vitamins. ...(more)

Healthy High-Fat Foods to Eat in Moderation

Mono and polyunsaturated fats are heart healthy fats that should comprise them majority of the fat consumed in a healthy, low fat diet. However, even healthy fats should be consumed in moderation due to their high caloric density....(more)

Are Vegetarian Diets Lower in Fat?

Vegetarianism is on the rise around the world. Vegetarian diets may, or may not, be lower in fat than the traditional omnivore diet of those who eat both plant and animal foods. It's important to understand what vegetarian foods, and in what portions, can be included in low fat vegetarian diets....(more)

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