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Indian Style Eggplant

Indian cuisine uses many different types of spices and herbs. Most spices have distinct flavors and add very unique tastes to food. This recipe uses...(more)

Kung Pao Tofu

Kung Pao is a very popular Asian dish that when prepared correctly it can save you loads of fat and sodium. Store bought varieties rely...(more)

Asian Vegetable Noodles

Asian cuisine is extremely versatile. It mostly relies on a variety of fresh vegetables which are low in fat. The protein of choice can vary...(more)

Eating Out

Eating Out While On a Low-Fat Diet

Cooking meals at home using fresh ingredients allows you total control of your diet. Eating out often contributes to one's ultimate loss of control. Lack of knowledge regarding how your meal is prepared, what ingredients are used, and how much sodium and fat is added are key contributors to cause you to fail in your dietary goals. Keep the following strategies in mind to help manage your low-fat diet when eating out....(more)

Navigating a Restaurant Menu for a Low Fat Lifestyle

Restaurants typically use plentiful amounts of high-fat ingredients to create great-tasting foods. Unfortunately, the liberal use of such ingredients create for high fat and high calorie meals when dining out. Learn a few tricks to navigate a menu in order to choose lower fat menu options....(more)

Understand Why We Overeat and What can We do About It

We are all preoccupied with food and eating. We spend most of our day planning what we are going to eat and when and where we're going to eat out. We devise strategies to help us avoid temptation, but we give in to that temptation and immediately regret the decision. It is a vicious cycle that never seems to end. Figuring out why we overeat and perpetuate this pattern is not an easy dilemma to figure out. Here is some information that may start to shed light on this....(more)

Low Fat

Simple Strawberry and Banana Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to start the day not only because they are simple to make but because they can pack a lot of nutrition and can be consumed on the go. Adding dense nutritional ingredients like protein powder, to add extra protein, or flaxseed meal, to add fiber and healthy fats is just one example. Variations are also endless when it comes to making smoothies, as you can swap to your fruit and milk of choice or add any other ingredients of your preference....(more)

Stir-fry green beans

Vegetables are naturally low in fat. Choosing to eat vegetables for both lunch and dinner paired with a lean protein such as grilled chicken, tofu or fish will make your meal well balance, low-fat and nutritious. When cooking low-fat foods try to use herbs and spices to add more flavor rather than using oils for it. Herbs and spices compliment many recipes and give unique flavor that can't be achieve by using butter, oil or any other high fat ingredient....(more)

Mango Slushy

Slushies can be loaded with sugar and a variety of unhealthy ingredients. If you own a blender making your own variations is extremely easy, healthier and more economical. Varieties are endles, as all you need is frozen fruit of your choice. For this version I added some flaxseed meal, which adds Omega-3's and soluble fiber. Consuming soluble fiber is a healthier and safe way of lowering cholesterol, as soluble fiber attaches itself to cholesterol and it is later excreted from the body....(more)

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