Low Fat

Holiday Recipes

Vegetable Nachos

Nachos can be very high in fat and lack some nutrition. This nacho version is loaded with vegetables, low-fat cheese and skips the usage of...(more)

Low-Fat Monkey Cake

There's no monkey business when it comes to this banana cake. This is an excellent low-fat dessert that everyone will enjoy. You can spice it...(more)

Fall Delight: Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin pancakes are the perfect fall breakfast option. While most holiday recipes tend to leave a little extra in the waistline, these low-fat pancakes allow...(more)

Low Fat Foods

What Drinking Milks Are Best While on a Low-Fat?

Dairy products can add tons of calories and fat. Buying skim and low-fat versions of milk will decrease fat and calorie intake. Nut milks are great alternatives when choosing milk, as they are vegan, still contain the desired calcium and vitamin D and sometimes more than regular cow's milk. Nut milks also decrease the unwanted calories and fat. In addition, non-dairy milk may also contain Vitamin E....(more)

Can Plant Foods Help Manage a Low-Fat Diet?

Plant foods are a great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. They also contain protein and healthy fats. Plant foods are a powerhouse source due to their rich nutrient content. Foods derived from plants can play a role in protecting the body against diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Plant foods are naturally low in fat. Incorporating a variety of plant foods into your diet plan can help manage your low-fat diet goals....(more)

Which Butter Spreads to Choose...and Not to Choose

There's the infamous debate between butter and margarine - which tastes better and which is healthier. Since the arrival of margarine on the market, countless other butter spreads have become available. Learn which butter spreads may be the best...and worst for you to choose....(more)

Food Labels

Low Fat Label Reading

Interpreting food labels can be extremely confusing. There are labeling laws, however, and food manufacturers must follow strict guidelines on low fat and fat-free labeling, as well as the use of certain words on food labels, such as "low", "reduced", and so on....(more)

Stocking Low-Fat Foods in Your Kitchen: Always Have Them on Hand

Stocking your kitchen with low-fat foods is the first step towards healthy eating. It has been suggested by many professionals in the diet industry, to be successful, always keep the right foods on hand. If a low-fat diet is what a person uses to achieve good health or weight loss, there are several low-fat foods that can be kept in stock at all times. Finding them in a store and keeping them in the home can be an simple process....(more)

Why Eggs are Essential to Your Diet

Eggs are essential for your diet because they build your muscles, improve your eyesight, and provide nutrition to your brain and nervous system. The main parts of the egg are responsible for providing the vitamins and minerals necessary to build these and other parts of your body. Some eggs have low cholesterol while others have more protein based on the nutritional diet of the chicken. Even though there are many different kinds of eggs, they all help the body function at its best. It is essential to cook eggs in a healthy manner if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle....(more)

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