Low Fat

Eating Out

Eating Out While On a Low-Fat Diet

Cooking meals at home using fresh ingredients allows you total control of your diet. Eating out often contributes to one's ultimate loss of control. Lack...(more)

Navigating a Restaurant Menu for a Low Fat Lifestyle

Restaurants typically use plentiful amounts of high-fat ingredients to create great-tasting foods. Unfortunately, the liberal use of such ingredients create for high fat and high...(more)

Understand Why We Overeat and What can We do About It

We are all preoccupied with food and eating. We spend most of our day planning what we are going to eat and when and where...(more)

Daily Allowances

Food Journaling and Online Diet Analysis...Which One Is Best?

Recording what you eat and drink on a diet analysis website can provide valuable feedback as to the strengths and weaknesses of your diet. With so many free online diet analysis sites, there should be no stopping you from finding out what you're actually eating....(more)

Deck of Cards: How to Eyeball Serving Sizes

When it comes to determining how much of a food you should eat, the process can be confusing. Servings of food are often much higher in restaurants and on most American household plates than they should be. For those who want to ensure they are getting the recommended daily allowances of nutrients, though, you will have to know what the right portion size is. To help you, consider these common tips....(more)

Building a Healthy Pyramid

The Food Pyramid was developed by nutritionists in Sweden to help people plan healthy meals. It divides foods into six major groups, and includes recommendations on how much to eat of each. The most commonly known pyramid was published by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 1992, but was subsequently replaced in 2011. The food pyramid is still used around the world and is a part of different specialty cuisines. The World Health Organization still uses the food pyramid and offers the following recommended servings....(more)

Dinner Recipes

Indian Style Eggplant

Indian cuisine uses many different types of spices and herbs. Most spices have distinct flavors and add very unique tastes to food. This recipe uses three of the most utilized Indian spices which are turmeric, cumin and coriander. Turmeric is very high in antioxidants and gives dishes an intense yellow color depending on quantity used. These spices are available at most supermarkets so you won't have a problem finding them....(more)

Kung Pao Tofu

Kung Pao is a very popular Asian dish that when prepared correctly it can save you loads of fat and sodium. Store bought varieties rely on additives, artificial colors and flavors. Making this sauce at home takes minutes and the flavor and quality supersedes store bought varieties. Choosing tofu as the protein keeps this dish low-fat without compromising taste and nutrition....(more)

Asian Vegetable Noodles

Asian cuisine is extremely versatile. It mostly relies on a variety of fresh vegetables which are low in fat. The protein of choice can vary from using chicken, beef, seafood, or tofu. In order to keep this Asian vegetable noodle recipe lower in fat I used vegetables and a tablespoon of cashew nuts to incorporate healthy fats. If you like to keep the recipe gluten free opt for using rice noodles, however, if gluten is not an issue you can also use whole wheat or egg noodles....(more)

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