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Hooters Buffalo Wings

Do buffalos have wings? No, Buffalo, New York is actually the place of origin for this popular Super Bowl finger food. It was actually an...(more)

Simple Southern Hot Chocolate Recipe

Nothing warms better in the cold, dark months then a hot cup of light and creamy hot chocolate. It's rich, chocolaty taste is savored and...(more)

Oatmeal Cookies: Baking Powder vs. Baking Soda

Oatmeal cookies and baking powder go together. Oatmeal cookie recipes call for baking powder or baking powder and baking soda. Differences exist between baking soda...(more)


Southern Recipe: Hoppin' John

Hoppin' John is a classic Gullah dish made with field peas and rice. Often tomatoes, onions, stock, and pork fat are included for flavor, and hot pepper vinegar and hot sauce are served on the side. Less traditional (but no less delicious) variations abound outside of the low country including the addition of black-eyed peas, smoked sausages, and bell peppers.It is a widespread tradition in the South to serve hoppin' John, along with cornbread and collards, on January 1st in hopes to bring prosperity into the coming year. Each component's color represents fortune and wealth — cornbread for gold, collards for green (paper money), and black-eyed peas for pennies (loose change)....(more)

Candy Recipe: Heavenly Hash Bars

Many people make the assumption that 'heavenly hash' is ice cream similar to that of Rocky Road. And while yes, it is an ice cream flavor and yes, there are similarities, heavenly hash actually started out as a candy invented in New Orleans in the early 1900's. The fudge-like confection made with chocolate, marshmallows, and almonds was originally created by a Canal Street department store as a treat for hungry shoppers. The delicious bars quickly gained popularity around the city, and in 1923 Elmer's Candy Corporation acquired the recipe. Elmer's later modified the original shape from a square to an oval, and the new egg-shaped version became an instant classic. Those same Elmer's candies are still a beloved Easter tradition throughout Louisiana and along the gulf coast. Homemade heavenly hash bars (which more closely resemble the original recipe than that of the chocolate-covered marshmallows sold in stores) are still quite...(more)

Southern Recipe: Apple Pie

If you don't already have an heirloom recipe recorded in your family history, I promise this apple pie is definitely worth your time. If you've never made an apple pie from scratch before (or even if you're an old pro), I suggest spreading the process over the course of a few days....(more)


Southern Appetizer: Pickled Shrimp

Shrimp are fat and plentiful in the waters along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, and marinating them in vinegar and aromatics, such a lemon, onion, and capers, has long been a favorite way for Southerners to preserve them. The name pickled shrimp may sound off putting, but this refreshing recipe, which is more of a marinated salad than pickled, is as timeless as it is addictive.Pickled shrimp is an ideal snack to serve at gatherings large and small. Not only is it easy to make as much or little as you would like, but all of the quantities are open to tinkering (and what's available in the pantry). It can be served any time of the year and is especially popular at football tailgates and holiday open houses....(more)

Southern Food History: Pimento Cheese

Pimento cheese at its simplest is nothing more than grated cheddar, jarred pimentos, and a dollop of mayonnaise. Humble as it sounds, it remains one of the most talked about Southern food traditions. ...(more)

Cheese Straws

Cheese straws — also known as cheese wafers, cheese biscuits, and cheese crackers — are by no means a Southern culinary invention, but they have long been enjoyed by Southerners and should be considered a part of its authentic regional cuisine. ...(more)

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