Southern Food


Kentucky Derby Finger Foods: Benedictine Sandwiches

A successful Kentucky Derby party centers around serving delicious finger foods and tasty beverages. The Benedictine Sandwich was introduced by Miss Jennie C. Benedict in...(more)

Breakfast Bites: Western Omelette

If you have toast and cereal for breakfast every morning, you are probably in a bit of rut. If you want a change of pace,...(more)

A New Breakfast Favorite: Sweet Potato Pancakes

Pancakes are a staple breakfast food. They are usually made with flour, butter, milk and eggs and little else. Sweet potato pancakes take this ordinary...(more)

Southern Food

Dinnertime Delight: Southern-Style Chicken Casserole Recipes

In the South, chicken is a popular dinnertime staple food. However, serving the same fried chicken over and over gets monotonous and dull. Change things up with a tasty chicken casserole. Most casserole recipes can be customized so they never become boring, and a lot of them are extremely easy to make. These Southern-style chicken casseroles leave your family coming back for seconds....(more)

Garlic Chicken Leg Quarters

There is often nothing better than a sunny afternoon with some great food, delicious drinks, and close friends and family. A good southern classic dish that always seems to bring people together are garlic roasted chicken leg quarters, and although this may sound like a time consuming, gourmet treat that only the professional chefs can pull off, you will find that this is one of the easiest, most budget friendly, and fun chicken quarters recipes around. Great for afternoon barbeques, family meals, or just a good old get together with friends, garlic roasted chicken leg quarters makes a hearty meal that your guests will undoubtedly ask you for the recipe. Serve with potato salad, mashed potatoes, green beans and asparagus, or virtually anything else, you will find this low-calorie meal to surely delight your taste buds....(more)

Taste of the South Broiled Chicken Wings

Whether it is game day or you just want a mouth watering appetizer, broiled chicken wings are a perfect choice for the occasion. Chicken wings are easily prepared and affordable, as well as being a meal that just about everyone enjoys. This dish in particular offers a change of pace from standard chicken wing servings with the addition of a bit of 'southern' flavor. You are certain to find this recipe for southern broiled chicken wings well worth the effort of preparation....(more)


Chicken Casserole from the Southern Kitchen

The best kind of chicken casserole recipes are the ones that serve as almost a blank slate, allowing you to let your creativity fly free. However, chicken casseroles from the deep south are perfectly delicious all on their own. The deep south has always been revered to be that place with hearty, family friendly, darn good food. As a beloved dish of any party, meal, or potluck, deep south chicken casserole is a famous dish that has been served for ages, and since it is easy to make and customize just to your liking, there is no reason why this shouldn't be your next great dish. You can use this chicken casserole with rice or noodles, and you can add any of your favorite vegetables right to your concoction. With this deep south dish, please be as creative as you want, just follow this basic recipe as your chicken casserole...(more)

Chicken Croquettes with a Taste of the South

Chicken croquettes are often made in restuarants in the southern states. These are a little bite of heaven, and when given a taste of the south, typically seasoned with creole seasoning, they are even better. These are great for a Sunday afternoon lunch after church, or even a quick dinner in the evening, or family get together. Chicken croquettes have been around for ages, and they are just as timeless today as they were back then....(more)

Dinner in an Hour: Easy Bake Chicken Parm

Does it seem like it takes you too long to make dinner for your family? People with active and hectic lifestyles do not like to waste time, and they are constantly looking for better and quicker ways to prepare healthy and delicious meals for the entire family. Chicken parmesan is a great-tasting dish that is typically enjoyed by family members both young and old, so there likely won't be too much complaining about this meal when it's chosen. You may find chicken parmesan recipes that take over an hour to prepare, which may not fit into your hectic schedule. To save you time in making this tasty entree, here is a no-breading easy chicken parm bake recipe that takes less than an hour from the time you begin preparing it to the time that you're sitting down at the dinner table to enjoy it....(more)