Southern Food


Southern Recipe: Chocolate Chess Pie

Chess pie is a quintessentially Southern dessert, and it is one of the quickest pies in the Southern repertoire. Its origins are hard to trace,...(more)

Old-Fashioned Chocolate Pudding Cake

Old-fashioned chocolate pudding cake, also known as chocolate cobbler, is one of those feel good desserts with an easy, retro vibe. The recipe isn't really...(more)

All Butter Pie Crust

Pie crust made from scratch is infinitely better than any you can buy at the store. This simple pie crust relies on butter for its...(more)


Fantastic Seafood Recipes: Pan-fried Haddock

This pan-fried haddock dish is quick and easy to prepare when you are pressed for time. It goes well with rice, mashed potatoes or couscous. Add a fresh garden salad for a balanced lunch or dinner. A refreshing glass of white wine is the perfect complement for this meal. Add your favorite dessert for a truly delicious and satisfying meal....(more)

Southern Seafood Recipes: Stuffed Clams Casino

Clams casino is a zesty seafood dish that has its origins in Rhode Island. It is popular along the East Coast of the United States, especially in the South. Southern dishes, such as this clams casino recipe, place an emphasis on comfort food and seafood blended seamlessly together. The following recipe is a simplified but delicious take on stuffed clams casino. This specific stuffed clams casino recipe is perfect for entertaining or an elegant weekend meal....(more)

Southern Seafood Etouffee Recipe with Shrimp

The word "etouffee" actually means "smothered" in French, and in this recipe the shrimp is smothered with a variety of delicious ingredients. Etouffee is a Cajun or Creole dish that hails from New Orleans and it is normally made with crawfish. This recipe is made with shrimp, since crawfish can be a little difficult to find in some areas, whereas shrimp is more available. Etouffee is a very old recipe that was made in the bayous of Louisiana with a roux of flour and chicken stock to make a thick, stew-like consistency. The following is a Creole shrimp etouffee recipe that smells as wonderful as it tastes....(more)

Soups and Stews

Slow Cooker Soups for the Busy Chef

Chicken soup is a meal for just about any occasion. Whether it's a quick impromptu meal or a get well tonic when someone is sick, chicken soup is a meal that finds purchase with just about everyone. If you own a crockpot, you are in a position to utilize a good slow cooker chicken soup recipe to satisfy your desire for this all-purpose meal. A properly prepared soup is one that will be a delight to taste and warm the body. The following slow cooker chicken soup recipe fits this bill perfectly....(more)

Traditional New Orleans Creole Gumbo Recipe

There are many versions of the traditional gumbo recipe. This one focuses on the basics of the soup, simplifying the cooking process. The key to making good gumbo starts with the flour and butter mixture, or roux, which needs to reach a dark hazel color without burning. Keep an eye on the roux since burnt roux ruins gumbo. That is the most difficult part of the recipe. The rest is smooth sailing and delicious dining....(more)

Beef Chili Stew

Many people love a hot stew or soup on a cold and rainy day. A well cooked and flavorful stew can provide you with a way to relax, socialize with family or loved ones, and warm up, all at the same time. Preparing a stew is actually much easier than you think, but it can take a few hours to get just right. Provided here is an easy to follow recipe that allows you to cook your own beef chili stew....(more)

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