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Southern Recipe: Chocolate Chess Pie

Chess pie is a quintessentially Southern dessert, and it is one of the quickest pies in the Southern repertoire. Its origins are hard to trace,...(more)

Old-Fashioned Chocolate Pudding Cake

Old-fashioned chocolate pudding cake, also known as chocolate cobbler, is one of those feel good desserts with an easy, retro vibe. The recipe isn't really...(more)

All Butter Pie Crust

Pie crust made from scratch is infinitely better than any you can buy at the store. This simple pie crust relies on butter for its...(more)

Soups and Stews

Slow Cooker Soups for the Busy Chef

Chicken soup is a meal for just about any occasion. Whether it's a quick impromptu meal or a get well tonic when someone is sick, chicken soup is a meal that finds purchase with just about everyone. If you own a crockpot, you are in a position to utilize a good slow cooker chicken soup recipe to satisfy your desire for this all-purpose meal. A properly prepared soup is one that will be a delight to taste and warm the body. The following slow cooker chicken soup recipe fits this bill perfectly....(more)

Traditional New Orleans Creole Gumbo Recipe

There are many versions of the traditional gumbo recipe. This one focuses on the basics of the soup, simplifying the cooking process. The key to making good gumbo starts with the flour and butter mixture, or roux, which needs to reach a dark hazel color without burning. Keep an eye on the roux since burnt roux ruins gumbo. That is the most difficult part of the recipe. The rest is smooth sailing and delicious dining....(more)

Beef Chili Stew

Many people love a hot stew or soup on a cold and rainy day. A well cooked and flavorful stew can provide you with a way to relax, socialize with family or loved ones, and warm up, all at the same time. Preparing a stew is actually much easier than you think, but it can take a few hours to get just right. Provided here is an easy to follow recipe that allows you to cook your own beef chili stew....(more)

Tips and Tricks

Southern Food History: What is Hoppin' John?

Hoppin' John is a classic Gullah dish made with field peas and rice. Often tomatoes, onions, stock, and pork fat are included for flavor, and hot pepper vinegar and hot sauce are served on the side. Less traditional (but no less delicious) variations abound outside of the low country including the addition of black-eyed peas, smoked sausages, and bell peppers....(more)

How To Make A Perfect Apple Pie

The types of apples you choose are crucial to the success of your pie. Each type of apple provides both positive and negative qualities. Tart apples hold up well during cooking but don't offer the best "apple-y" flavor. Sweet apples provide wonderful flavor but often turn to mush.Most bakers prefer using a mix of sweet and tart apples, which together yield a flavorful sauce and tender yet firm bite. Northern Spy and Cortland apples are two worth seeking out; they are considered the gold standard for pies. Granny Smith are also very common for pies; they are quite tart and hold their shape well. Other apples to consider for pie are Gravenstein, Braeburn, Cameo, Pink Lady, Jonathan, and Empire...(more)

Southern Ingredient: Cooking with Butter

Butter is primarily composed of milk fats and water. Cheap butter contains more water and less fat than higher-end brands, creating an inferior product capable of altering an otherwise decent recipe. High quality, high fat butter yields tender baked goods, crisp pastries, and creamy icings. I am a firm believer that good ingredients equal good results, and great ingredients equal great results; sometimes it is worth paying the extra couple of dollars if you strive for the very best....(more)

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