Chili Peppers

How to Quell the Pain If You Bite Into a Thai Chili

If you are sensitive to spicy foods, eating a Thai meal can feel like a minefield, literally sprinkled with Thai chilis. Although these spicy peppers...(more)

Tips for Working with Thai Chilis

Thai chilis are some of the hottest peppers out there. Ten to twenty times spicier than jalapenos, these fiery little peppers are used throughout Thai...(more)

Ingredient Spotlight: Thai Roasted Chili Paste (Nam Prik Pao)

An essential ingredient in the Thai kitchen, the roasted chili paste known as nam prik pao is packed with flavor. This seasoning paste has a...(more)


Chicken Stir Fried with Holy Basil: Pad Gaprow Gai

A Thai favorite, this dish of chicken stir fried with holy basil is very easy to make, but you wouldn't know it by the incredible flavor. It is made by stir frying plenty of red Thai chilis and garlic with minced chicken, flavoring with some salty and slightly sweet Thai seasoning sauces, and then adding a large handful of holy basil at the end. The most difficult part of making this dish is finding fresh holy basil, known as "bai gaprow" in Thai. This variety of basil is very different from the more commonly found Thai sweet basil, having a distinctive sharp, almost peppery flavor that often defies description. If you are able to find this prized ingredient, chicken stir fried with holy basil is a breeze to make and will reward you with delicious results....(more)

Eight Fantastically Flavorful Thai Chicken Dishes

Who says chicken has to be bland? If you're looking for ways to transform this lean meat into a deeply flavorful dish, try one of these Thai chicken recipes. These eight recipes provide a number of options so that you can choose among a variety of Thai flavors and cooking techniques....(more)

Thai Sticky Chicken

Thai sticky chicken is very simple dish, whether you are a novice home cook or an experienced dinner party host. This Thai sticky chicken recipe is healthy and nutritious, packed full of delightful, authentic flavors....(more)


Roundup of Refreshing Thai Drinks

Whether it's because of their hot, tropical climate or their fiery cuisine, Thai people love chilled drinks. Thai iced tea, the most famous Thai beverage, is just one of many. The next time you are craving a cool, refreshing drink, consider trying one of these recipes....(more)

Smooth and Creamy Thai Coconut Smoothie

If you've been to Thailand, one sip of this creamy coconut smoothie is all it will take to bring back fond memories. For those who haven't visited, this coconut smoothie will allow you to experience something of what Thailand has to offer. ...(more)

How to Pop the Top of a Young Coconut Using a Cleaver

Young coconuts are a wonderful source of refreshing coconut juice and tender coconut meat. Although opening the tough shell of a coconut might seem intimidating at first, here is a step-by-step guide to quickly and easily pop a circular cap from the top of the young coconut....(more)

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