Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle: Vegan Egg Roll Wrappers

With so many restrictions to the vegan diet, it can be difficult to eat some of your favorite foods. Many of you would assume that...(more)

Grilled Thai Meatball Skewers (Luk Chin Ping)

Grilled Thai meatball skewers are a popular street food in Thailand. They're made by threading several Thai meatballs onto a skewer, grilling them, and then...(more)

One-Bite Thai Appetizers: Galloping Horses (Ma Haw)

The Thai appetizer known as Ma Haw (galloping horses) will make for a stunning presentation at your next Thai dinner party. This brightly colored appetizer...(more)


Green Curry with Pork, Thai Eggplant, and Green Beans

This Thai green curry with pork, eggplant, and green beans is a perfect example of all that Thai curries have to offer. If you love Thai curries, you must try this recipe. ...(more)

Thai Yellow Curry: Mild yet Flavorful

If you're new to Thai curries, yellow curry is a great place to start. One of the most accessible Thai curries to the western palate, it has all of the inviting flavors of a Thai curry cooked in a base of rich coconut milk, but it tends to be less fiery than some of the other curries. ...(more)

Mastering Thai Curries: The Technique

Thai curries may seem to have an infinite variety of flavors, but making a great Thai curry is easier than you might think. With the right ingredients and proper technique, you will soon be able to replicate the curries that you enjoy at your favorite Thai restaurant. ...(more)


Roundup of Refreshing Thai Drinks

Whether it's because of their hot, tropical climate or their fiery cuisine, Thai people love chilled drinks. Thai iced tea, the most famous Thai beverage, is just one of many. The next time you are craving a cool, refreshing drink, consider trying one of these recipes....(more)

Smooth and Creamy Thai Coconut Smoothie

If you've been to Thailand, one sip of this creamy coconut smoothie is all it will take to bring back fond memories. For those who haven't visited, this coconut smoothie will allow you to experience something of what Thailand has to offer. ...(more)

How to Pop the Top of a Young Coconut Using a Cleaver

Young coconuts are a wonderful source of refreshing coconut juice and tender coconut meat. Although opening the tough shell of a coconut might seem intimidating at first, here is a step-by-step guide to quickly and easily pop a circular cap from the top of the young coconut....(more)

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