Omelet with Acacia Leaves: Kai Jeow Cha Om

If you are pressed for time, a Thai omelet served with rice makes a quick, delicious snack or dinner. Thai omelets are slightly different than...(more)

Spicy Thai Bamboo Shoot Stir Fry

This stir fry of bamboo shoots is so flavorful you might not realize you're eating vegetables. Bamboo shoots provide the foundation for this stir fry...(more)

Stocking Your Thai Pantry: Stir Fry Sauces

Thai cooks use an array of sauces to create the distinctive flavors of their stir fries and other dishes. As you stock your Thai pantry,...(more)


Miang Kham: Putting It All Together

Miang kham is a popular appetizer that showcases a classic Thai interplay of spicy, sour, salty, sweet, bitter, and toasted flavors. These flavors come from a variety of fresh ingredients drizzled with a sweet and salty sauce and wrapped with fresh wild pepper leaves. This recipe will walk you through the preparation of the fresh ingredients used to fill the miang kham leaves and the final process of assembling everything into a single, perfect bite. Although preparing the multiple ingredients for miang kham can take some time, the burst of fresh Thai flavors are well worth the effort....(more)

Miang Kham: How to Prepare the Sauce

Miang kham is a unique appetizer that features a classic combination of Thai flavors in each delicious bite. The dish is composed of several fresh and toasted ingredients, including ginger slivers, Thai chili rounds, fresh lime pieces, and toasted peanuts and coconut shavings, wrapped in a wild pepper leaf. Then this sweet and salty sauce is drizzled over everything, bringing the other flavors into a harmonious balance. Although the predominant flavors of this sauce are sweet and salty, it also has a complex flavor of toasted herbs, including lemongrass, galangal, and ginger. The sauce is then topped with toasted peanuts and coconut flakes which mirror the flavors present in the final appetizer....(more)

Miang Kham: Thailand's Famous One-Bite Appetizer

Miang kham is a fantastic Thai appetizer that is made by wrapping a wild pepper leaf around a variety of Thai fillings to form a small packet bursting with big flavors. Typical fillings include Thai chilis, ginger, lime wedges, toasted peanuts and coconut, and a sweet and salty shrimp paste-based sauce. The interplay of ingredients make each bite a new experience in balancing the sweet, salty, sour and spicy elements of a Thai flavor profile. This article discusses this delicious Thai appetizer in depth, with links to recipes that will guide you through the process of assembling the ingredients and making the sauce for miang kham yourself....(more)

Fresh Produce

Ingredient Spotlight: Pomelo

Pomelos are an enormous citrus fruit with a delightfully mild flavor. One of the oldest known citrus varieties, the pomelo was crossed with an orange to produce the grapefruit. In fact, the flavor of a pomelo is similar to grapefruit, but it is much less bitter. This article discusses how to select, store, and use this popular Thai fruit so that you have the knowledge you need to find and enjoy one for yourself....(more)

Ingredient Spotlight: Cha Om

Don't let the pungent odor or sharp thorns of cha om fool you. This beloved Thai vegetable has a taste worth acquiring. The delicate, fern-like shoots of fresh cha om emit a strong odor that may seem unpleasant at first, but rest assured that it mellows when it is cooked. When used in Thai cuisine, cha om has the ability to transform something as simple as an omelet into a unique and delicious Thai treat....(more)

Starting a Thai Herb Garden: Five Must-Have Plants

If you love to cook Thai food, you can ensure that your dishes have the freshest, most complex flavors by growing some basic ingredients yourself. Planting a small Thai herb garden is a great way to gain access to some difficult to find herbs and ensures that you'll have a fresh supply right outside your door throughout the growing season. Here, you'll find information about five plants that are relatively easy to grow and are used in numerous Thai recipes, making them versatile additions to your garden....(more)

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