Thai Fried Rice with Chicken

This chicken fried rice recipe is great for a mid-week dinner, especially if you have leftover jasmine rice from a previous meal. Always packed with...(more)

Thai Fried Rice with Tofu

Enjoy this meatless version of a classic Thai fried rice, which features bite-sized tofu pieces fried to golden brown perfection. This recipe is packed with...(more)

Khao Chae: A Songkran Tradition

It's not surprising that water plays a major role in Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year festival celebrated during the height of the dry season...(more)


Thai Salads: Five Variations on a Common Theme

When it comes to Thai salads, there is an amazing variety of choice. From the famous shredded green papaya salad to lesser-known selections such as this pomelo and shrimp salad, you can easily find the perfect choice to fit your mood. Thai salads are all variations on a common theme of a bold dressing with spicy and sour flavors and fresh Thai herbs. From this common starting point the possibilities are endless, demonstrated by the fact that five main categories of Thai salads have emerged based on various combinations. This article describes the different types of Thai salads and discusses their commonalities and differences, with links to common examples from each category so that you can try them yourself....(more)

Thai Beef Waterfall Salad: Neua Nam Tok

Featuring thinly sliced char-grilled steak, fresh herbs, and an assertive spicy and sour dressing, the Thai salad known as beef waterfall is unlike any western-style salad. It has a wonderful smoky flavor, which comes partly from the grilled beef, but that is enhanced by the use of dried chili flakes and toasted rice powder. Sprigs of mint and cilantro provide a bright, fresh note while the lime juice and fish sauce based dressing make the flavors of this salad even more bold and exciting....(more)

Thai Herbal Grilled Shrimp Salad: Plah Goong

The allure of this Thai salad comes from the combination of warm grilled shrimp tossed with finely sliced herbs and a powerful spicy and sour dressing. Known as "plah goong" in Thai, this salad features mint, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves, along with tons of chilis and lime juice. If you are craving a powerful burst of fresh Thai flavors, give this salad a try....(more)


Thai Deep Fried Pork Toast

This deep fried pork toast is incredibly rich and satisfying, whether it is served as a party appetizer or is picked up as a snack from a street vendor in Bangkok. It features pork seasoned with the quintessential Thai marinade of garlic, white peppercorns, and cilantro roots, which gives it an earthy, slightly spicy kick. The pork is then layered on a thick piece of white bread and deep fried to golden perfection.Although this pork toast might seem straightforward to prepare, achieving the perfect bite can take some practice. The goal is to keep the bread from becoming too oily, while still thoroughly cooking the pork. To achieve this outcome, keep these tips in mind. First, drying the bread overnight will help it absorb less oil. Second, the temperature of the oil is key. If the oil is too hot, the bread will burn before the pork is cooked through,...(more)

Thai Sausage Round Up

If you see Thai sausages on a restaurant menu, be sure not to pass them by. Grilled Thai sausages are so delicious it is almost astounding that they are not more famous in western Thai restaurants. In Thailand, street vendors grill various types of sausage and offer them for purchase with a bag of sticky rice. Assorted accompaniments include fresh chilis, slivered ginger, roasted peanuts, cabbage leaves and cilantro. In addition to these succulent, exquisitely spiced varieties, there are also milder types of sausage that can be incorporated into more complex Thai dishes. Here are five basic types of sausage that you are most likely to come across in Thai cooking....(more)

Miang Kham: Putting It All Together

Miang kham is a popular appetizer that showcases a classic Thai interplay of spicy, sour, salty, sweet, bitter, and toasted flavors. These flavors come from a variety of fresh ingredients drizzled with a sweet and salty sauce and wrapped with fresh wild pepper leaves. This recipe will walk you through the preparation of the fresh ingredients used to fill the miang kham leaves and the final process of assembling everything into a single, perfect bite. Although preparing the multiple ingredients for miang kham can take some time, the burst of fresh Thai flavors are well worth the effort....(more)

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