Roundup of Refreshing Thai Drinks

Whether it's because of their hot, tropical climate or their fiery cuisine, Thai people love chilled drinks. Thai iced tea, the most famous Thai beverage,...(more)

Smooth and Creamy Thai Coconut Smoothie

If you've been to Thailand, one sip of this creamy coconut smoothie is all it will take to bring back fond memories. For those who...(more)

How to Pop the Top of a Young Coconut Using a Cleaver

Young coconuts are a wonderful source of refreshing coconut juice and tender coconut meat. Although opening the tough shell of a coconut might seem intimidating...(more)


Five Popular Thai Noodle Dishes

The next time you're craving noodles, give one of these Thai recipes a try. From the tangy freshness of pad Thai to the peppery richness of clay pot noodles, these five noodle dishes represent a variety of Thai flavors that are sure to please....(more)

Clay Pot with Shrimp and Bean Thread Noodles: Goong Ob Woonsen

This recipe for shrimp and bean thread noodles cooked in a clay pot is a perfect choice for making a quick and satisfying one-pot weeknight dinner. The predominant flavors are ginger and black pepper which permeate the bean thread noodles to make an immensely flavorful and filling meal....(more)

Wide Rice Noodles Covered in Thick Gravy: Rad Na

Although the name of this Thai noodle dish does not sound particularly appetizing, rad na is actually incredibly delicious. "Rad" means to pour and "na" means face, referring to the fact that a tasty thickened gravy is poured onto the face of, or on top of, wide rice noodles....(more)


Stir Fried Chinese Chives with Firm Tofu

This quick and easy vegetarian stir fry features the fresh, garlicky flavor of Chinese chives combined with the mild spice of white ground pepper and the crunch of pan-fried tofu. Chinese chives have a sweet crunchiness and are also sometimes known as garlic chives because of the prominent garlic aroma that is released when they are cooked. This simple preparation is seasoned with thin Thai soy sauce and white pepper, highlighting the natural flavor of the chives for quick, delicious stir fried meal....(more)

Vegetarian Thai Broken Rice Congee (Jok)

This vegetarian version of jok, the popular Thai broken rice porridge, is a silky-smooth comfort food. Broken rice is simmered to a creamy consistency and flavored with sautéed ginger, garlic, and Thai soy sauces to form a satisfying congee. Two different Thai soy sauces are used in this recipe to provide additional depth of flavor that fish sauce gives to the traditional version. Once topped with freshly shredded ginger, green onions, and a pinch of white pepper powder, this mild rice dish has enough flavor to make it an addictive everyday vegetarian meal....(more)

Thai Spicy and Sour Tom Yum Soup with Mushrooms

Spicy, fresh, and satisfying, tom yum soups have a depth of flavor that is unforgettable. The traditional Thai tom yum soups, however, frequently contain meat, seafood, and other hidden animal-based products such as fish sauce and nam prik pao, a seasoning that often contains shrimp paste. This vegetarian tom yum soup uses extra mushrooms for body and substitutes vegetarian options to make a delicious soup that everyone can enjoy. Similar to a traditional tom yum soup, this recipe relies on the key ingredients of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, and chilis to create the fresh spicy and sour base that makes this soup so beloved....(more)

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