Vegetarian Dishes: Spicy Homemade Bean Dip

From entertaining vegetarian guests to settling a hungry stomach with a health-conscious option, a spicy homemade bean dip is the perfect choice. Great with tortillas,...(more)

Fast and Simple Irish Beer Bread Recipe

This Irish soda bread recipe is a great choice for any vegetarian who likes both beer and bread. While this vegetarian recipe is a good...(more)

Vegetarian Black Bean and Cheese Dip

If you are a vegetarian, it is true that there are many great foods that are off-limits. However, there are several foods that are vegetarian...(more)

Meat Substitutes

Product Review: Phoney Baloney's Coconut Bacon

There is a never ending quest for the perfect vegan bacon. One that has the right flavor, texture, and balance of sweet and smoky. Many have come close, and Phoney Baloney's Coconut Bacon is one of the closest to date....(more)

Sophie's Kitchen: Vegan Seafood

There have been veggie burgers and tofu hot dogs for ages. Even mock chicken has made it's way into mainstream supermarkets, but vegan shrimp and scallops? This line of products is one of the most creative to hit store shelves in a long time. But is it good? Read on to find out....(more)

Smoky Breakfast Strips (aka Tempeh Bacon)

While there still isn't a perfect vegan substitute for bacon, tempeh has made a name for itself as an excellent stand in on BLTs and along side a tofu scramble for a hearty breakfast. This recipe is simple and tasty....(more)


What Does It Take to Be a Vegetarian?

Learn how to become a vegetarian. It is easier than ever to give up meat. Learn the basics to make sure when giving up meat that you get all of the nutrition, and tasty food, that your heart and body desires....(more)

Eggs: Not All They Are Cracked Up To Be

It is a mystery as to why many vegetarians still eat eggs. Whether sourced from a factory farm or a free range ranch, the truth is, eggs are not all they are cracked up to be. And, they are certainly not suitable for vegetarians. Even if sourced from your own backyard....(more)

Vegetarian Basics: Chia Seeds

Who knew that the seed that grows into a pet (Ch-Ch-Ch- Chia!) could not only taste so good, but also be so good for you?...(more)

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