Five Great Fast Food Veggie Burgers in Southern California

With the popularity of plant based diets increasing, fast food establishments are taking note. There are now several options for veggie burgers available at the...(more)

Easy Black Bean Burgers

Black beans make one of the best veggie burgers. The mild flavor and soft texture make it an easy vegetarian dish for any get-together. Adding...(more)

Chickpea And Coriander Burgers

If you are searching the internet for a veggie burger recipe, many will claim to be the best. Undoubtedly many will be delicious, however whether...(more)


Restaurant Review: Doomie's Home Cookin'

Doomie's Home Cookin' in Hollywood, California is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant specializing in serving up comfort food classics without the use of animal products....(more)

5 Places to Get a Ridiculously Awesome Veggie Meal in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is known for its food. And for vegetarians and vegans, this city is like something only found over the rainbow. Not only does almost every restaraunt in town have veggie options, but they are awesome veggie options. ...(more)

Eating Veg in a Non-Veg Restaraunt

As a vegetarian, it can be daunting to eat out in restaurants filled with meaty menu items. Learn how to navigate everyday menus and order up delicious meat free meals in any restaurant, without feeling uncomfortable or making the waitstaff angry....(more)


Where Do You Get Your Protein?

A common question asked of vegans and vegetarians is, "Where do you get your protein?" There are many sources of plant based proteins, many of which provide more heart healthy nutrients than animal based protein sources. Calorie for calorie, plants generally provide even more protein than meat....(more)

Low-carbohydrate Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

The dilemma for vegetarians is eating enough protein that is filling yet not fattening. If you are educated on the enormous selection available to you, however, it does not have to be a difficult dilemma at all. If you are just starting out on a vegetarian diet, these four basic low-carbohydrate proteins will get you through the first trial....(more)

5 Easy Protein Sources for Vegetarians

If you are worried about getting enough protein on a vegetarian diet, you shouldn't. Dozens of foods out there are easy to buy, simple to use, and taste great. Many of those foods are ones that you are already familiar with, while others you can slip into your diet and hardly know they are there. These protein sources for vegetarians make getting all your nutrients easy....(more)

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