Vegetarian Dishes: Spicy Homemade Bean Dip

From entertaining vegetarian guests to settling a hungry stomach with a health-conscious option, a spicy homemade bean dip is the perfect choice. Great with tortillas,...(more)

Fast and Simple Irish Beer Bread Recipe

This Irish soda bread recipe is a great choice for any vegetarian who likes both beer and bread. While this vegetarian recipe is a good...(more)

Vegetarian Black Bean and Cheese Dip

If you are a vegetarian, it is true that there are many great foods that are off-limits. However, there are several foods that are vegetarian...(more)


Where Do You Get Your Protein?

A common question asked of vegans and vegetarians is, "Where do you get your protein?" There are many sources of plant based proteins, many of which provide more heart healthy nutrients than animal based protein sources. Calorie for calorie, plants generally provide even more protein than meat....(more)

Low-carbohydrate Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

The dilemma for vegetarians is eating enough protein that is filling yet not fattening. If you are educated on the enormous selection available to you, however, it does not have to be a difficult dilemma at all. If you are just starting out on a vegetarian diet, these four basic low-carbohydrate proteins will get you through the first trial....(more)

5 Easy Protein Sources for Vegetarians

If you are worried about getting enough protein on a vegetarian diet, you shouldn't. Dozens of foods out there are easy to buy, simple to use, and taste great. Many of those foods are ones that you are already familiar with, while others you can slip into your diet and hardly know they are there. These protein sources for vegetarians make getting all your nutrients easy....(more)


Quick and Easy Meatless Tacos

Some of the best meals are the easiest to prepare, and this one fits that bill perfectly. Ready in mere minutes, the "meat" in these tacos is super easy to prepare and tastes just like the real thing. No one will ever suspect they're vegan....(more)

Mandarin and Spinach Salad with Tofu

No cooking necessary to make this light and fresh salad which gets a healthy dose of protein from the tofu, a big splash of vitamin C from the spinach and the oranges., and a spicy bite from the dressing....(more)

Curry Roasted Butternut Squash and Brown Rice with Kale

This warm meal-in-a-bowl is full of flavor and really, really good for you to boot! Easy to make, serve this dish in a large bowl drizzled liberally with the slightly spicy sauce provided....(more)

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